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"I founded BX to enable food producers globally to be part of the climate crisis solution. Having been a farmer myself, I know the pain, struggle and effort it takes to put food on plates. This deep understanding of the food system’s complex problems provides the foundations BX needs to deliver on our mission of restoring the planet for future generations."

Ben Bardsley

Who are BX?

We enable farmers, brands and retailers to measure their environmental impact and switch to climate-positive practices so that we can eat our way out of climate change.

What does it take to become a BXer?

Are you curious?

At BX, we are all comfortable with needing to learn more from greater people around us.

Are you obsessed?

At the core of everything we do, we want to heal the planet for future generations.

Are you fun?

At BX finding fun in everything we do is key.

The BX Socials
Where are BX?

We’re deployed in the USA, UK and South Africa, and expanding into New Zealand this year.

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Interested in being a BXer?

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"I'm really excited about the problem BX is solving. My goal at BX is to build the most important technologies and datasets to solve the world's biggest problem. We're going to put critical data infront of farmers to empower those farmers to change their practices; placing more sustainable produce on tables around the world."

Kimeshan Naidoo

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